From X to A , 2014
The 10th Gwangju Biennale
Documentary, 2 channel video, 45min

Navigation ID – From X to A is a new two-channel video work by Minouk Lim for the Gwangju biennale. The work sheds new light on the sites of civilian massacres during the Korean War and draws attention to the country’s troubled history. This project explores the role of hospitality as a form of solidarity between the families of the victims of the civilian massacres and the communities involved in the May 18 Democratic Uprising. At the same time, it reflects on a shared experience and sense of community brought about by the memory of these events.
One of the two video projections shows the journey made by the Mothers’ House of May to the excavation sites of civilian massacres in Hampyung, Jinju and Gyeongsan. Another projection displays the recorded footage of Navigation ID, which was recorded live at the opening of the biennale. The two channels constitute a record of a performance where two communities meet and overcome exclusivity.

In the work, the sons and daughters who lost their parents during the Korean War and the parents who lost their children in the May 18 Democratic Uprising share their experiences. By bringing together members of different communities the artist attempts to bridge the regional and national divisions that often characterize Korean society and is able to draw a new perspective on the idea of community through this journey of hospitality.