On Air
Installation view
Ghost, Daegu Art Museum, Korea
Mixed Media (LED light, metal, wood, gourd, leather, feather, infrared lamp, fake hair, fur, black mirror, candle, incense, buoy, car headlight, monitor, speaker, camera, light hood, tripod)
Variable dimension

LIM Minouk has dealt with the invisible by finding out possibilities of another community which penetrates into dichotomous thinking frame of a divided nation where even thoughts are cut into half, and the topic of expressing condolences over it. The theme of loss and memory on such a place which has been brought about by Korea’s compressed economic growth is excluded in her sculptural object installations, and video and performance recording works, and induces existences that are lost. In this exhibition, the artist showcases the installation in the form of a newsroom she has introduced since 2012 by reinterpreting it. Objects of On Air (2017) presented in The Possibility of Half (2012), Hole in Chest Nation (2014), and The Promise of If (2015) seem to perform a ritual where ready-made objects like the camera tripod and lighting hood and organic materials such as feather and trees are combined. The artist says ghosts are living in a broadcasting network studio. There is a pedestal in the newsroom, and all broadcasting staff members are moving about to offer sacrifices while staying only outside the camera frame. This imaginary broadcasting network touches upon a scene of a life which has not been given condolences. The form of this imaginary newsroom contrasting with fake news, which has rapidly emerged as a broad social issue on SNS or portals in today’s world seemingly asks a question on the essence of an image.