FireCliff3_ Minneapolis

Single channel video with sound
An excerpt from opening performance at the Walker Art Center on the occasion of the exhibition Minouk Lim: Heat of Shadows (May 31–September 2, 2012), organized by the Walker and curated by Clara Kim with Yesomi Umolu.

FireCliff3_Minneapolis from minouk lim on Vimeo.


Artistic Direction
Minouk Lim and Emily Johnson

Emily Johnson

Ashley Akpaka,
Paige Collette
Katie Vang
Arwen Wilder
Max Wirsing

Sound Director
Byungjun Kwon

Infrared Camera
Yunejeong Jee

Production Assistant
Yoonsun Shin
Youeun Choi
Haeyeon Lee
Sooyeon Kang
Haemi Lee,
Choon Choi

Cameron Wittig

Technical assistance
Ben Geffen
Doug Livesay

Support for FireCliff 3 is provided by Performing Arts Market in Seoul and Arts Council Korea.

FireCliff 3 is an opening performance of Minouk Lim: Heat of Shadows at the Walker Art Center. The performance was done in collaboration with Emily Johnson, a performer and choreographer based in Minneapolis. The FireCliff series reconstruct the hidden history and context of where it takes place, revealing another layer of visible reality.

The texts created by Minouk Lim and Emily Johnson were arranged in the form of reading, which crossed and intersected in the sound of the performance and the choreography of performers captured through a thermographic camera. The body in the performance of FireCliff is a body that is constrained by objects. It is a conductor of heat and the foundation of drawing the shared body heat, different from the liberation of the body that is craved by dance.
Tracing the temperature, which visualizes tactile sensation through thermographic cameras, discovers a close link between the invisible placeness and heterogeneous places. The body temperature constitutes ‘here from far away,’ which is the motivation and what makes FireCliff project take another step.

Translated by Jaeyong Park